Lockers are available for student use, and are allocated early in the school year. It is the responsibility of each student to maintain the locker in good order, to provide a padlock with a 10mm shank and supply a spare key to the school. The hire fee of $30 per year is payable to the Finance Office.


Early Leave

Students are expected to attend school punctually. Should a student be absent for any period, an email or phone call from a parent/carer must be provided. If parents/carer know in advance that their child will be absent for a significant period, they are encouraged to report this to the school as soon as possible by emailing the Rolls Office at: or phoning the Rolls Office on: 61420703


The school also operates an automated attendance notification system. When a student has been marked absent from school and the school has not been notified by the parent/carer before 9.30am, the parent/carer will receive an SMS message to their mobile phone and/or an email informing them of the absence. The automated system provides contact details of the rolls office for parents/carers to provide information that explains the absence.


When a student is required to leave school before the end of the school day, the rolls office must be notified by email from parent/carer indicating briefly the reason, the time the student is required to leave and if the student will be returning that day.  61420703

Students arriving after the commencement of Roll Group must report to the Rolls Office to sign in before going to class, whether or not they have a note to explain their lateness. Parents will be alerted via SMS when students miss Roll Group and sign in late.



School dress standards are the colours and styles chosen by the School Board.

The uniform consists of white polo shirt, plain black pants, shorts , skirt or a Melrose High school dress.

A grey sports shirt is required for PE.

No singlet tops or revealing garments are allowed.

In cold weather, students should wear a plain navy blue or black sweatshirt, jumper or hoody, preferably with the school logo.

Custom made representative tops for special roles such as Band, School Ambassadors or Leaders may be worn at any time. No other logos, patterns or slogans are permitted.


Year 10 Tops













Year 10 students can design and purchase a hoodie, rugby top and/or polo shirt for their final year. Students are encouraged to wear the Year 10 hoodie or rugby top instead of the navy blue sweatshirt or jumper. Similarly the polo shirt can be worn in lieu of the normal white polo shirt. The 2017 Year 10 clothing was sourced from Canterbury of New Zealand.

2017 Year 10 Hoodie
2017 Year 10 Polo Shirt
2017 Year 10 Rugby Top


Students who become ill at school must advise their teacher who will request they report to the Front Office. If students are in need of First Aid they should also report to the Front Office. If students are to be sent home or an ambulance is required, parents/carers will be notified by the Front Office.

Lost Property

The Front Office team handles clothing lost property. Every effort is made to trace the owners of property handed in. It is recommended that all clothing and personal items be clearly marked with the student's name. Any property not claimed at the end of each term is donated to charity.

Please check at the Front Office for other lost items.



Textbooks are issued on a Curriculum Area basis and each area has its own policy. Students are expected to replace or pay for damaged or lost textbooks. Students are expected to maintain the textbooks in good condition and return them when the unit of study is complete.


Melrose High School complies with the ACT Public School Food and Drink Policy 2015. The school canteen is operated by MC2 and is located in its own building. The canteen supply healthy food options for students and staff. Students are able to purchase food and drinks at recess and at lunch. A pre-ordering on-line system is also available for lunch orders ( For further information, please contact the Canteen Manager on 61420728

School Newsletter

The school newsletter is our primary method of communication with parents and carers. It contains information about upcoming events, celebrates students' achievements, and provides items of educational or community interest.  Published every three weeks, the newsletter is delivered via email. Additionally it can be accessed via the school website at A limited number of print copies are available from the library.


Financial Contributions by Families

Contributions may be paid by cash, cheque, EFTPOS, credit card, Quickweb via payment button on MLRHS web site or Direct Debits at the school Finance Office by students or parents, or sent by mail to the School.  Contributions to the  Library Fund and Building Fund are fully tax deductible. The LTF is used for all Library resources including on line resources. The BTF assists with the current upgrading of our school facilities including Library upgrade, Art Wing upgrade and bike storage.

The payment of financial contributions is voluntary. The Education Act 2004 guarantees that

  1. each contribution must be voluntary

  2. a child is not to be refused benefits or services because the child’s parents do not make a contribution

  3. a child is not harassed for contributions

  4. any record of contributions is confidential.

Each year we ask parents to make a financial contribution towards their child’s education.  This is a voluntary contribution which is an important source of funding for the school. The School Board has kept parent financial contributions as low as possible in order to minimise the financial burden on parents.


Parents will receive an invoice each semester listing the subjects in which their child is enrolled. Each subject will attract a per semester contribution to cover the purchase of consumables in that area. These include photocopying, hands on resources, chemicals, food, paints, fabric and wood.


Where families are experiencing financial difficulties, special arrangements can be made either for payment over a period, or for exemption, by contacting the Principal.


Comments and Suggestions

The School aims to be responsive to the needs of all members of the school community. Any student, parent, teacher or citizen who has any comment, positive or negative, about the school can be assured that their opinion will receive careful consideration.


Comments concerning students are best referred to the Year Coordinator or the relevant classroom teacher. Comments about staff should usually be referred to the Executive Teachers of Curriculum Areas in the first instance. There will be occasions when it may be more appropriate to approach the Principal or a Board representative to discuss concerns. If in doubt, contact the Administrative Staff in the Front Office Ph. 02 6205 7588.