Enrolment and Transition

Enrolment Process

Students who live in our priority enrolment area (PEA) who choose to enrol at Melrose High School are given priority placement. Students outside the PEA are welcome to apply and placements may be offered based upon capacity.   

All requests for enrolment into any ACT Government School can only be done via the online enrolment form. The link can be found on our school website or the ACT Education Directorate website. Families who do not have access to an online environment should approach the school where we can support you to complete the process.



In term two prospective Year 7 students are invited to an Orientation Day at Melrose High School. Orientation days for Year 6 students provide them with the opportunity to experience practical learning and social engagement within the high school setting. The aim of the day is to give Year 6 students an idea of what is expected of them in high school classes, to familiarise them with our surroundings and make them feel comfortable and positive about coming to high school.

Melrose High School holds an Information Night for parent/carers of prospective Year 7 students in term two. Representatives from each of the administrative teams and from the curriculum areas are available at this evening to answer questions about the school. All parents/carers and prospective students are encouraged to attend the Information Night to gain a deeper understanding of the myriad of opportunities available at Melrose High School.


Information Evening Year 7

Parents/carers of Year 7 students are invited to participate in an information evening. This mini timetable night is held early in term one. Parents follow their child's timetable through the full cycle, enabling them to meet their child's teachers in their classrooms and receive information about course content, homework and assessment. The aim of this evening is to give parents/carers practical experience their child’s day is organised and to develop a relationship with each teacher.

The School operates a ten-day timetable of five lessons per day, repeated each fortnight. All lessons (lines) are of equal time in the timetable over the fortnight.  Students study seven subjects at any one time. The lines are labelled A, B, C, D, E, F and G with subjects being allocated to a whole line for a semester. In Years 7 and 8, six subjects are allocated a whole line each semester with the Arts and Technology sharing a line in a two-year rotation.

Students are expected to arrive punctually for the commencement of Roll Groups at 8.50am.  The roll from Roll Group generates the absentee list for the day. Daily announcements are read out to students during this time. In addition, rolls are marked during each lesson.


The School Day

The Timetable 



Year 10 Transition to College

The school holds information sessions to support families and students in their choices. During the year, representatives from local secondary colleges address all Year 10 students.  These meetings are conducted at Melrose High School for the benefit of prospective Year 11 students.

Topics such as course content, assessment, career prerequisites and tertiary requirements are covered in these initial meetings. Year 10 students are encouraged to attend the Open Days at local Colleges to look at the facilities and to hear more about the college programs. The school also organises a special tour to local colleges for Year 10 International and Learning Support Students for their smooth transition to a college, separate from scheduled visits.

In addition, students and parents/carers begin Year 10 Transition Interviews at the end of Year 9. These are conducted by experienced staff who understand the college system. They are to support students to make the most of their Year 10 experience, by helping them devise a pathways plan to exit high school and successfully transition to college. These are advertised for parents towards the end of Year 9 and parents/carers are encouraged to book an interview as soon as possible. The contact staff will be advertised for this process.

College Enrolment

A Year 10 Transition meeting is held in Semester One every year for current Year 10 students and their parent/carers.  At this meeting information is shared regarding enrolment processes and how to apply for a one on one transition meeting.


Students in Year 10 planning to move on to Year 11 must select a college for their post Year 10 studies. Completion of an online enrolment form must be done before the advertised cut-off date. Once this application has been submitted, students are advised of their college placements. Students who have been granted placement in the college of their choice must then formally accept this offer.


As the majority of Year 10 students continue their studies at local colleges, school references are only provided for those students who are seeking full time employment. Students who require a reference must apply through their Year Coordinator.  If, at a later date, students require a reference, application can be made to the Year Coordinator.

Year 10 Certificate of Distinction

The Melrose High School Certificate of Distinction recognises and rewards the contribution that students make to the life of our school. Each term students in Years 9 and 10 will be asked to indicate the awards they have received and the activities and programs in which they have participated. These awards and activities include academic, cultural, leadership, personal development and sporting pursuits.


Points are allocated for each activity and, at Year 10 Graduation; all students receive a transcript of their contributions. For students that have attained particular total point values, a Gold, Silver or Bronze Certificate of Distinction will be announced and presented to the student in their portfolio.

Year 7 Camp


The Year 7 Camp occurs in term one and is designed to support our students in their

transition from primary school to high school. Students participate in a range of activities

that are fun, challenging and develop social skills including problem solving, trust,

cooperation and leadership. It is also an important opportunity for our Year 7 students to form new friendships and to develop cohesiveness as a year group. Activities are also run by Year 10 Peer Support Leaders that examine issues that will be faced by Year 7 students as they start their high school years. Students who are unable to attend camp participate in an alternative program at school organised by teachers across all learning areas.