Melrose High School offers three choices for language studies, each offering a rich language and cultural experience. Studying another language not only supports further careers choices and assists people with travel, but also broadens students’ intercultural understanding. All three language courses include cultural experiences and interactions with native language speakers.



The courses in Chinese, Japanese and Indonesian are designed to help students of all abilities develop their communication skills. The school provides a range of experiences including overseas excursions, exchange programs and visits to local or interstate attractions. There are strong links with the local primary schools as well as the colleges; therefore, students can successfully continue their studies in a chosen language.



With a population of 250 million people, the fourth largest country in the world, Indonesia is one of our closest neighbours. It is a country full of great contrast and excitement; every single island differs from the next.  From the moment they step into the classroom, students are immersed in both the language and culture of Indonesia. A combination of language-based tasks, integrated ICT and hands-on activities makes learning Indonesian fun and engaging for students. Classroom experiences are enriched further with workshops at the Indonesian Embassy, an Indonesian Assistant, a behind-the-scenes tour at the zoo, restaurant visits and more. A phonetic language and use of the Roman alphabet, makes Indonesian an easily accessible language for all students.  



China is Australia's biggest trading partner and learning Chinese will provide students with more job opportunities in the future. Chinese is also one of the world's most commonly spoken languages and the language most commonly spoken as a second language in Australia. Chinese lessons are fun and relaxing. Students engage in role-plays, language games, sing songs, creating artwork, making videos, practicing traditional dances and studying with ICT tools. Students also have opportunities to participate in ACT Chinese competitions every year and there will be prizes and free excursions for winners and their families. Chinese language students are invited to participate in an overseas excursion, travelling to Taiwan to visit our sister school and immerse themselves in language and culture.


Japanese culture has infiltrated Australia with current trends in Manga and Anime. Japanese language and culture is filled with passion and excitement . Studying Japanese shows that you have what it takes to successful in life. You possess determination, patience, and absolutely no fear of challenging yourself. Students studying Japanese at Melrose are immersed into the Japanese language and culture through many different mediums and language opportunities. Japanese students are also given the chance to immerse themselves within the Japanese language in real life opportunities such as the Makubetsu visit in Term 1 and our Japanese overseas excursions every 2 years.

EALD (English as an Additional Language or Dialect)

The school caters for the needs of EALD students through designated English and HASS classes. All EALD courses are designed to improve students’ language and communication skills. EALD students can also receive support with assignments across all subject areas during designated lunch time sessions.

Enrichment Activities

These include:

  • All language students are encouraged to participate in the annual ACER Languages Certificate tests

  • Overseas and local excursions

  • Language Institute Competitions (Japan Embassy Essay and Mandarin Speaking contest.

Special language Fun Days

Language Teaching Assistants

The teachers in Indonesian and Chinese are assisted by native speaking language assistants. They provide one on one support to students and give them additional opportunities to practise and enhance their language skills.

Cultural Exchange Programs

Cultural Exchange Programs


Makubetsu (Japan) and Min-De (Taiwan) Exchange programs.

Melrose High School maintains strong connections with its sister schools in Taiwan and Japan. In March, students and staff from the Makubetsu district in Hokkaido, Japan, visit Melrose High School for one week. In addition, during term three, students and staff from the Min De Junior High School, Taiwan, visit Melrose High School for two weeks.


The students are billeted with Melrose High School families and experience Australian home and school life. They participate in various practical classes such as Cooking and Art, in some core subjects and have the opportunity to gain an appreciation of Indigenous culture through intercultural activities.


The Melrose community is involved in the exchange through home stay visits and various activities. These interactions help our foreign exchange students deepen their understanding of Australian culture and assist them in improving their English language skills.


Excursions are organised so that the students can experience the highlights of our National Capital, flora and fauna, and establish friendships. A highlight of both visits is the Farewell dinner, on the evening before departure. Invitations are extended to the homestay families to thank them for their hospitality.

Melrose High School language students have the opportunity to visit and experience life in a Japanese or Taiwanese school and home in our biennial visits to these countries.