Maths at Melrose High School is...

Course Structure:

All classes are full year courses. Entry into ACE and Support classes is negotiated on a case by case basis. All other classes offer a fully differentiated approach to teaching Mathematics to cater for all students. 

In Years 8, 9 and 10 there is one ACE class. The ACE Mathematics course follows the Australian Curriculum, but with a focus on further enrichment and exploration of the concepts studied. Using 21st Century Fluencies, students are given the opportunity to delve into more complex mathematical concepts, and showcase their reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving skills. All students can apply for entry into these classes, and enrolment is based on a combination of the students written application, their academic record and teacher and parent recommendation.

Extension activities are offered to all students. Students are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of events and competitions each year, including the :

  • Australian Mathematics Competition

  • ACT Regional Maths, Science & IT Challenge

  • Canberra Girls Programming Network

  • ICAS Mathematics Competition

  • Engineering Games

  • AMSI Choose Maths Awards

In Years 7, 8 and 9, all students follow the Australian Curriculum course content. In Year 10 students are offered a choice of curricula, Australian Curriculum 10A or Australian Curriculum 10. The 10A course is designed to prepare students for the study of Mathematical Methods or Specialist Mathematics at College. The Australian Curriculum 10 course is suitable for students who wish to study Mathematical Applications or Essential Mathematics at College and are interested in real life applications of Mathematics.

Students are expected to have an electronic device that meets school educational requirements to access Google classroom, Mathspace, classroom tasks and assessment tasks.

Mathspace - our online platform

Mathspace is the world's first math program that allows students to show every step of their math reasoning, writing naturally into their personal electronic devices. The handwriting recognition allows students to write all their answers naturally using their finger or stylus. So it's just like doing math in a digital version of your old paper workbook. You can write every line of work for every math question. Other math apps only ask for the final answer, or use a multiple choice format. With Mathspace, however, all written steps are made digital, captured in the cloud, and available for students and teachers to review. It is also a full digital textbook, with lessons and tutorial videos for every topic.



The curriculum is aligned with the Australian Curriculum. Emphasis is placed on showing how Mathematics is of practical relevance to the students and on developing their problem solving techniques. Our aim is to engender a positive attitude towards Mathematics in all students.


Students are assessed on each topic via tests and/or assignments. Assignments also play an integral role in the learning program as they provide an opportunity for students to apply their learning and demonstrate their problem solving skills. For this reason assignments often include the development of investigative as well as research skills.  Students complete common, moderated assessment tasks including two examinations each semester. 


Each student is required to have a scientific calculator for personal use in all lessons. Students not only learn how to use the calculator, but they also learn estimation skills that enable them to make informed decisions about approximating answers. The appropriate use of scientific and online graphic calculators, as tools in Mathematics, is also emphasised.

Computer Science & Engineering

In this Mathematics elective course, students will learn how to build a custom PC. They will explore the components and relationships that make up a computer both experientially (by pulling apart and reassembling computers) and theoretically by creating an ‘ideal’ PC build list. The major assessment for the course is the design and presentation of a custom build in a ‘Shark-Tank’ style pitch aimed at developing collaboration, organisation and presentation skills. This course is available as an elective for year 9 and 10 students only.