Melrose Marvels is our Gifted and Talented program. Students involved in this program have been invited, based on cognitive testing. All students involved have an Individual Learning Plan and their teachers differentiate their classwork and assessment based on the details in this plan. 


The program is designed to cater to the needs of Gifted and Talented students as per Education Directorate policy. One teacher is responsible for running the program, where students work on individual passion projects centred on their area of interest, passion and giftedness.


The aim of the program is to ensure that every child has the opportunity to receive a developmentally appropriate education regardless of their socio-economic or cultural background, based on their level of giftedness and those other factors which are individual to each student.


Gifted students have the potential to perform at a level that is significantly beyond that of the majority of other children of the same age, in one or more skill areas such as language, problem solving, physical or interpersonal skills. Gifted students display generic abilities that can be developed into different skills, depending on activities taken up by the student. For example, manual dexterity (a natural physical ability), can be shaped into the particular skills of a pianist, a dentist, or a video-game player.


Once a student has been identified as gifted, they will receive an invitation to be a part of The Melrose Marvels Program. The program includes a combination of provisions to allow students access to meaningful learning opportunities such as a differentiated curriculum, incorporating advanced learning through:

  • enrichment experiences;

  • counselling interventions;

  • possible acceleration options; and

  • grouping.

For more information about this program please contact the Executive Teacher in charge of Gifted and Talented.

Further information about the Education Directorates Gifted and Talented Students Policy can be found via